Richard Glasser Christmas Pyramids from Erzgebirge Seiffen

The complete name of Richard Glasser is "Erzgebirgische Volkskunst Richard Glässer GmbH". The company is located in the famous city of Seiffen and looks back on over 70 years of success. Richard Glasser started in 1932 as an independent distributor of coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco. In 1934 he added wooden figurines to his assortment and because of the great success he built his own production facility in Seiffen in 1940. During World War II Glaesser 's range of products consisted of chests, boxes and buttons and after the war had ended he concentrated on traditional German Christmas products.

From the beginning Richard Glasser paid particular attention that his wooden figurines have a friendly appearance, are of highest quality but remain affordable for everyone. 130 Glässer employees are still striving for these early goals today.

The production was based on traditional Seiffen wood turned figurines and ornaments. Glaesser crafted nativity figures from the Christmas story, fairy tales as well as wooden angels and miners. Some of the wooden figurines were sold individually and others were placed on candle holders or on the famous Richard Glasser Christmas pyramids.

Today Richard Glaesser Seiffen is one of the most significant manufacturers in Seifen and offers about 800 different items. The Glasser Christmas pyramids are probably the most famous pyramids from the German Erzgebirge. All together Richard Glasser offers about 200 different Christmas pyramids and advent houses. Particularly the large Christmas pyramids with 5 tiers are world famous. Besides an electrical motor some of the large Glasser pyramids even have a musical work that plays Christmas tunes.

But not only Christmas pyramids have made Glasser one of the most renown German Erzgebirge workshops. Glasser nutcrackers, Glaesser incense smokers (smoker men), Schwibbogen and music boxes are also highly sought after collectables that have many enthusiasts around the world. The Glaesser nativity scenes are also of exceptional quality and have wonderful handmade wooden figurines that are crafted by experienced artisans.

Glasser has great experience with wood turning and wood carving and is influenced by the customs of Erzgebirge miners and old German Christmas traditions. Century old knowledge about toy production is expressed in every item the Glasser artisans create. The workshops use traditional techniques and protect existing century old designs. In addition to that passion and creativity make Glaser products unique.

The "RG" logo is on every Richard Glasser product and is a sign for highest quality from the German Erzgebirge.

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